I hope it’s here somewhere but my traversing of British supermarkets has resulted in diddly squat when it comes to the Australian version of Milo.

When a cold plagued me recently I traipsed to a monstrous Sainsbury’s near me with one thing on my mind – go to the World Foods section and find some bloody Milo. I couldn’t stop envisioning the heaped tablespoons I would add to my glass, the cold milk poured on top and the half mixed crunchy malt that tastes beyond glorious. It would soothe my aching throat and ‘oh woe is me’ attitude like no other.

However, the World Foods section was a no-go despite five minutes of standing and staring in vain. What was I to do? Where else would it be?

I popped around the corner to the drinks aisle.

There, on the bottom shelf, the lime green I know oh so well shone out like beacon, paling the purples and browns of tea and coffee and hot chocolate surrounding it. I snatched it up, walked briskly to the self-checkout and got the bus two stops up the road to my house.

Opening the tin and peeling back the foil was as satisfying as ever but the first smell just wasn’t right. And the texture was too fine. Still, I persisted in my heaped spoonfuls, perhaps I was mistaken. But the first partially mixed gulp of Milo and milk confirmed my disappointment – it was not Australian Milo. Apparently it was made in Singapore, so says the label.

It seems I’m not the only one who has come across this catastrophe. A quick Google search showed me a plethora of expats searching for Australian Milo. There’s apparently a website that will deliver it straight to your door if you buy from them, but for what price tag?

One Tripadvisor comment says that Milo is readily available in the UK, however it’s not the Australian version – that one cannot be found. I choose to not be disheartened by this comment, as it is just one and I am persistent when it comes to Milo.

Wish me luck!